Partnership with AdriKick&Go
The market for micro-mobility and "green" transport is growing all over the world and very rapidly!
Join us!
Run kicksharing AdriKick&Go in Croatia and all along the coast of the Adriatic!

How to start a business with AdriKick&Go?
Our team has turned scooters into Internet of things (IoT) devices – they are always connected to a cloud platform that allows them to manage and track their status and location.
We have developed intuitive user and service applications, picked up an excellent model of the scooter and learned how to quickly upgrade them.
You buy scooters, we will connect them to the cloud platform — they will start working immediately.
The partnership in numbers
Launch your kicksharing with AdriKick&Go
20 scooters with Parking system x 700 Euros
The final cost of the launch
14,000 Euros
~2 months
No lump-sum (primary) payment

Kicksharing —modern business
Business based on advanced IT technologies
Kicksharing in first place in the United States, Europe and Latin America the rate of growth of popularity

High-margin business
Making money with AdriKick&Go is easy:
Purchase at least 20 scooters
Place electric scooters in your city or area
Watch the revenue and monitor the movement and technical condition of electric scooters in your personal account.

What we do
A single customer base
We provide end-to-end user integration: regardless of the region of your presence, your scooters are available to all users
Support service
AdriKick&Go provides a single support service for users, and notifies owners of any problems with their electric scooters.
Payment processing
AdriKick&Go provides a single processing of payments.
We collect payments for each rental from the accounts of registered users, then the money for the trip, during the specified period, is transferred to the owner of electric scooters minus 25%
Control panel (a personal account of the agent)
Track your scooters and profits 24/7 in real time.
View the battery charge, the overall status of the scooter.
Application update
AdriKick&Go constantly cares about the effectiveness of applications and improving their performance.
We independently provide app updates and software solutions for AdriKick&Go
AdriKick&Go provides online resources to ensure the safety and health of your electric scooters it constantly takes care of the effectiveness of applications and improving their performance.

AdriKick&Go provides a concession on the territory, guaranteeing the exclusivity of your business.
The user pays for the trip via the mobile app in a convenient way linked to the app.
The payment Agent accepts payments in favor of AdriKick&Go system (Licensor)
The licensor sends online checks to the client through its system
The payment agent sends the total revenue minus its Commission to the Licensor every day.
After that, the Licensor sends the revenue to the Licensee minus the costs of processing payments, Bank services, subscription fees for connecting to AdriKick&Go system, Call and SMS center services, and Adrikick&Go fee in the amount of 25% of the turnover.
No fees: you only pay for ready-made share scooters connected to the system.

What are you doing
Buy electric scooters AdriKick&Go, with a Parking system.
To get started, purchase your own customised AdriKick&Go electric scooters
Daily operations
Everything is under your control. You need to locate, collect, and charge the scooters.
Using the AdriKick&Go system, you can track your profits and manage your scooters 24/7.
Repair and maintenance of scooters
Purchased electric scooters are Your property and you are responsible for their safety and systematic maintenance. But You can sign a contract with our service center for complex repairs.
Where can you use AdriKick&Go electric scooters?
City, suburb, coast, hotels, holiday homes, marinas, Islands.
Place your scooters in locations with a high concentration of pedestrian traffic to get the highest number of daily rentals.
Student campuses and business parks
Electric scooters are quickly becoming the preferred transport for students, customers, and employees at all levels
Festivals and major outdoor events
Electric scooters AdriKick&Go can be placed in any point where mini-parks are installed. Your business is compact.
Create your own optimal Parking of scooters that are constantly moving and bring income to the owner, that is, you.

Our solution
Vandal-resistant and all-weather electric scooter
The electronic lock is opened via the mobile app
Smart transport network, electric scooter monitoring and traffic management via cloud platform IOS/Android app
Search for electric scooters, route calculation, quick registration and payment,
Hotspot — access to your personal account via your own smartphone AdriKick&Go cloud platform
The user interacts with the electric scooter via the mobile app
Registration, fare selection, Deposit, electric car search, route, 100,000 one-time trips, payment.

Advantages of the solution
Audience of users
It can be used by a wide audience from 18 to 65 years of age. Convenient for short-distance trips around the city, the beach, to the store, cafe.
Near the door, on the beach, in the Park, at the Parking lot, at the cafe, at the store without allocation of land
Affordable price for all categories of user
Travel time
5 times faster than walking and up to 3 times faster than Cycling, taking into account fast rental, walking routes.
Join AdriKick&Go right now.

Find us
AdriGo is founded on a simple idea that all communities deserve access to smart, affordable mobility.

Through the equitable distribution of shared scooters, bikes and transit vehicles, we aim to reduce dependence on personal automobiles for short distance transportation and leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet.